Cook Inlet Halibut Fishing and more


cook inlet halibut fishingGet Ready to head offshore and fish for Pacific Halibut.  This charter is a full day (8-10 hours) fishing trip from a 28 ft offshore vessel designed to get you out where the big ones are.  The boat can handle 6 anglers and all tackle and bait is provided.  The average halibut is 20-30 lbs. but fish weighing over 100 lbs are not uncommon.  Halibut is excellent table fare and with a limit of 2 per day you will be filling that freezer in no time.


*Dramamine is recommended for those that get motion sickness










Homer Multi Species

If you love saltwater fishing, then this is the trip for you.  Head out of Homer and fish for several species of saltwater fish.  This is an all day trip (ALL DAY) where you will be fishing for:

homer alaska fishing

  • Halibut
  • Ling Cod
  • Yellow Eye
  • Rock fish
  • Salmon *if available


*Dramamine is recommended for those who get motion sickness.