Fishing Seasons




Early Run(May-June)- The early run of King Salmon gets going the middle of May and goes through the end of June.  The peak of the run is the middle of June,  but the fishing in May can be very productive with little traffic from other anglers.  The best River to fish during this time is usually the Kasilof River.

  • Kenai River- *2014 regulation changes have unfortunately closed the Kenai to all King Salmon fishing until July.  We apologize for the inconvenience.


  • Kasilof River- *2014 regulation changes have restricted the Kasilof River to prohibit the use of bait and multiple hooks until July.  Only 1 King Salmon may be retained and it must have a clipped adipose fin.  Other than these regulation changes the Kasilof is still open to King Salmon fishing.



Late Run (July) – The Late Run of King Salmon starts in the beginning of July and runs through the 2nd week of August.  King Salmon Season on the Kenai Peninsula closes on the last day of July.  This run peaks the last two weeks of the month of July producing some fantastic fishing on both Rivers.


  • Kenai River- During the Late Run the use of bait and multiple hooks are prohibited until further notice.  The daily limit of King Salmon is 1 per day 2 per year.


  • Kasilof River- The Kasilof River Adipose Fin regulation is removed and any King Salmon may be retained.  The use of bait and multiple hooks is permitted until further notice from ADF&G. The daily limit during the Late Run is 1 per day.




Red Salmon (Sockeye)

  • Early Run (Russian River)- The Russian River Sockeye Salmon Run gets kicked off roughly the second week of June.  It peaks the third week of June and slowly tapers off through the beginning of July.  The daily limit for Sockeye in the kenai River Drainage this year has been increased to 6 fish per day.


  • Late Run (Kenai River)- The Kenai River Sockeye Salmon Run usually starts showing up around the 10th of July with this run peaking the two weeks of July.  This fishery can be an action.  If you time your trip when the fish are coming through, you will find plenty of fishing from the banks of the Kenai River.  The daily limit for Kenai River Drainage Sockeye has been increased this year to 6 fish per day.




Silver Salmon (Coho)


  • Early Run (August)- The Early Silver Salmon Run usually starts the last week of July or the first week in August.  As the month progresses the fishing steadily gets better and better with the peak of the run the third and fourth week of August.  We fish both the Kenai and Kasilof River during this run and they average 8-10 lbs.  The daily limit of Silver Salmon during the month of August is 2 per day.



  • Late Run (Sept-Oct)- The Late Run of Silver Salmon gets rolling during the end of the first week of September.  This run consistently produced fish in excess of 15 lbs.  We fish both rivers during this run but primarily fish the Kenai due to the size of the run.  The limit on the Kasilof River is still 2 per day, but the Kenai River is increased to 3 per day.




Rainbow Trout & Dolly Varden

  • Kenai RiverThe Kenai River hosts one of the best Trophy Class Rainbow Trout fisheries in the state of Alaska.  People come from all over the world to fish this river for these trout as well as Dolly Varden.   The season opens the middle of June and goes all the way through November.  We fish for Trophy Rainbow Trout from the middle of July through October.  This is fast paced fishing and produces trout over 10 lbs. consistently.  This is a catch and release only fishery.



Pink Salmon


  • Kenai/Kasilof River- Pink salmon are available only on even years.  They run from late July through August.  This fishery is highly underrated.  The perfect trip for families with young children as these fish are very aggressive.  We usually fish for both Silver Salmon and Pink Salmon at the same time if anglers are wishing to fish for pinks.




  • Cook Inlet We begin fishing for Halibut in May and fish through September. The daily limit is 2 per day.  Recent Regulation changes still allow anglers to retain 2 halibut, only one can be over 29″.  The other halibut must be under 29″.




Ling Cod

  • Homer- This fishery begins the beginning of July.  The daily limit is 1 per day.